The Art of Leadership & Productivity - Art of Charm

The Art of Leadership & Productivity - Art of Charm (Free Course)

In this episode, we cover leadership and productivity, working from home during COVID-19 with Kevin Kruse. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur of several multimillion-dollar tech companies, keynote speaker and expert on leadership and productivity, and NYT bestselling author of Great Leaders Have No Rules.

What to listen for:

► What can we do to become the leaders that are needed during this pandemic?

► How should we approach the creation of rules and standards in a professional setting and why can it be detrimental if just one person is responsible for such things?

► Why is it important to live a value-driven life both professionally and personally, and why are values more important than rules?

► How can an open-door policy in companies be detrimental to productivity and what should you implement in place of it that still allows for open communication?

► What are the 3 parts we should divide our days into and why can the structure have such a profound impact on our fulfillment and productivity?

► How can living by a calendar make you more productive than making to-do lists to accomplish the same tasks?

► What can you do to be more productive if you’re struggling to work from home during this pandemic?


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