Security and Cryptography (2020)

Security and Cryptography (2020) | MIT EDU (Free Course)

We will focus on security and cryptography concepts that are relevant in understanding tools covered earlier in this class, such as the use of hash functions in Git or key derivation functions and symmetric/asymmetric cryptosystems in SSH.

This lecture is not a substitute for a more rigorous and complete course on computer systems security or cryptography. 

Warning: Don’t do security work without formal training in security. Unless you’re an expert, don’t roll your own crypto. The same principle applies to systems security.This lecture has a very informal (but we think practical) treatment of basic cryptography concepts. 

This lecture won’t be enough to teach you how to design secure systems or cryptographic protocols, but we hope it will be enough to give you a general understanding of the programs and protocols you already use.

You can find the lecture notes and exercises for this lecture at