RHCSA 8 Complete Course in Single Video | Linux Certification 

RHCSA 8 Complete Course in Single Video | Linux Certification |Must Do Certification (Free Course)

In this video session your going to learn Red Hat Certified Engineer from Zero to Hero. If your beginner or already certified RHCSA this video is for you. 

17:29 Introduction to Linux

23:40 Linux Lab Setup (RHEL 8 Installation)

31:58 Accessing Linux Server GUI & CLI

40:59 Getting Started with Linux Basic Commands

54:56 Few More Linux Basic commands

01:30:20 Standard Input, Output and Error redirection

01:44:55 Grep Command with regular expressions

02:01:18 tar & zip commands to Archive and compress, File & directories

02:22:47 vi Editor Modes Explained

02:34:13 vi Editor Practical

02:46:49 Getting help from Command Line User Interface

03:03:35 SSH Server & Client Installation and configuration

03:29:14 Reset Linux root user password (Gain Access to the system)

03:35:45 SCP - Transfer Data from one server to another server securely

03:45:59 Listing and Managing Linux processes

04:12:10 Creating standard Linux partitions

04:31:09 Deleting standard Linux partitions

04:35:11 Creating PVs, VGs, and LVM

04:52:45 Extend Logical Volumes non-destructively

 05:03:36 Reduce LVM size - lvreduce

05:09:18  Swap Memory Explained

05:21:31 Creating Users and Groups

05:44:46 Modify user properties | Password age

05:57:39 Deleting users and groups

06:09:21 Files & directory permissions

06:32:36 Access control list - ACL

06:49:41 Special Linux file permissions Set-GID, Set-UID, Sticky Bit

07:29:58 Sudo access - sudoers policy

07:54:29 Linux Networking | Assign Static IP

08:39:35 Firewall Rules | firewalld | Firewall-cmd

09:00:23 SELinux to enforcing policies

09:27:00 YUM Repository | AppStream | BaseOS