Project Management Simplified: Learn The Fundamentals of PMI's Framework

Project Management Simplified: Learn The Fundamentals of PMI's Framework (Free Course)

Welcome to this week's episode where I make project management simple for you.

 To make it applicable to the majority of the audience, I am teaching Project Management Institute's (PMI) project management framework.


Textbooks and frameworks are always boring. So, to make project management more interesting for you, I ran a project to demonstrate what steps to take and when.

 You won't regret spending 50 minutes to learn the basics of a wonderful practice called project management.

 Although I strongly recommend you watch the entire session without skipping, for those of you who are just looking for snippets of information, you may find below the index of the video;

 03:03 What is a project, program, and portfolio and how are they different from operations?

04:08 Project = Project Life Cycle + Project Management Process

04:43 Project Life Cycle

06:52 Process Groups

09:27 LIG, PMP certification or CAPM certification, which one is right for you? [Hint: I am biased!]

11:53 Process Groups - Initiation

13:06 Process Groups - Initiation - Project Charter

16:50 Process Groups - Initiation - Stakeholder Identification

18:17 Process Groups - Planning

20:30 Process Groups - Planning - Collecting Requirements

22:45 Process Groups - Planning - Defining the Scope

24:41 Process Groups - Planning - Scope Baseline

25:12 Process Groups - Planning - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

32:22 Process Groups - Planning - WBS Dictionary & Scope Creep

34:39 Process Groups - Planning - Time Management / Developing a Schedule

36:00 Process Groups - Planning - Gantt Chart

37:38 Process Groups - Planning - Fast Tracking a Project & Project Crashing

38:52 Process Groups - Planning - Cost Management

39:42 Process Groups - Planning - Budget development (for PMP or CAPM takers)

41:02 Process Groups - Executing

42:04 Process Groups - Executing - Gold Plating

43:16 Process Groups - Monitoring and Controlling

45:00 Process Groups - Monitoring and Controlling - Earned Value

47:57 Process Groups - Closing Process GroupEnroll Now (Free Course)