Learn Spring 5 - An Ultimate Guide to Spring 5 Core  

Learn Spring 5 - An Ultimate Guide to Spring 5 Core (Free Course)

Learn Spring 5 - An Ultimate Guide to Spring 5 Core: Core Concepts, Dependency Injection, Bean Configuration, Autowiring, AOP, SpEL. A comprehensive guide on Spring fundamentals.

A comprehensive guide on Spring fundamentals. Whether you are a complete beginner on Spring Framework or an experience Spring developer, there are so many take ways from this course.


It covers the following Spring concepts:

Module 1: Course Overview


    What we need

    Target Audience


    Course Walk through

    What won’t be covered

    Module summary


Module 2:  Set up the development Environment


    Installing Java

    Installing Maven

    Installing - Spring Tool Suite

    Creating Maven Project in Spring Tool Suite

    Installing - Intellij IDEA

    Creating Maven Project in Intellij Idea


Module 3: Spring Core Introduction

    Spring Overview

    Spring History

    Spring Modules

    Dependency Management: Traditional Ways

    Dependency Management: Dependency Injection

    Concepts of POJO and Bean

    Inversion of Control : Spring IOC Container

    Bean Factory Interface

    ApplicationContext Interface

    Configuring beans: XML based, Annotation and Java Config configuration

    Module conclusion


Module 4: XML Based configuration


    Configuring POJOs with XML based configuration


    Setter based dependency Injection

    Constructor based dependency Injection

    Constructor vs Setter based Injections

    Circular dependencies

    Composing XML-based Configuration Metadata

    Referencing Other beans

    Inner Beans

    Handling Java Collections

    Merging Collections




Module 5: Autowiring

    Basics of Autowiring

    Autowiring Types,

    No Autowiring ,

    Autowiring byName,

    Autowiring byType

    Autowiring constructor

    Issues with Autowiring


Module 6: Java Configuration

    Configuring beans with Java Configuration

    Component scan with @ComponentScan

    @Configuration and @Bean Annotation

    @Component, @Configuration, @Service and @Repository annotations

    Constructor Injection

    Autowiring POJOs

    @Primary Annotation

    @Qualifier Annotation

    Importing Configuration

    @Scope Annotation

    @Lazy Annotation



Module 7: Spring Beans in Depth


    Bean Life Cycle Callbacks

    @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotations

    Bean Scope

    Bean Post Processor

    POJO Creation with factory methods - Static factory, instance method and Spring factory bean

    Managing environments - @Profile annotation

    Spring Aware Interfaces








Module 8: Spring Aspect Oriented Programming

    AOP Introduction

    Core AOP Concepts

    What is Aspect?

    Join Point

    What is Advice?


    AOP Proxy



    Aspectj and @EnableAspectJAutoProxy annotation

    Advice Annotations: @Before, @After, @AfterReturing, @AfterThrowing, @Around

    @Before and @After Annotation

    @AfterReturning Annotation

    @AfterThrowing Annotation




Module 9: Spring Task Executor

    Introduction to Java Executor, ExecutorService

    Runnable, Callable and Future

    Threadpool - Fixed thread pool , Cached thread pool, Single thread executor, scheduled thread pool executor

    Spring TaskExecutor

    Spring SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor

    Spring SyncTaskExecutor

    Spring TaskExecutorAdapter


Module 10: Communication between Beans - ApplicationEvent Management


    ApplicationListener Interface




Module 11: Conclusion

    Source Code

    Course Aummary



What you'll learn

    Spring Framework Core Concepts

    Spring History

    Environment Set up in STS and Intellij Idea

    Spring Dependency Injection

    Configuring Spring IoC Container through XML configuration

    Configuring Spring IoC Container through Java annotation configuration

    Spring Bean Autowiring - ByName, ByType, Constructor

    Spring Bean Life Cycle Callbacks, Bean Post Processor

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