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Learn Python in One Video | HINDI (Free Course)

This Video covers basics of python programming language .Learn Python programming language in one video:

1)Overview of python programming language:

 Python is high-level , object oriented , dynamic programming language used for creating different type of application softwares such as Web Apps , Desktop apps  , app based on A.I. , M.L. , data analysis etc.


Python was developed by a great guy Guido Van Rossum 1989

syntax :

1) ye bahut simple , easy programming language hai jo interpreter pe based hai that means jo code ham likhte hai to direct interpreter line by line read karta hai .

2) python based hai indentation pe that means isme curly braces apko nhi lagane hai.

3) lines ko termination karne ke kie hme semi colon nhi use karna hai.


installation:  windows , mac


keywords :

predefined words whose meaning is already know by python interpreter.

eg if, else , import, for , while etc.



user defined words in program:

eg a=456


ham sabhi words ko as identifier use kar sakte hai but hamara word digit se nhi start hona chahie aur underscore ke alwa koi special symbol nhi use kar sakte ham




Data Type:

1) Number : int , float ,

Arithmatic operations + , - , * , / , // , **


2)Strings , sinle quote , double quote or even triple quote.

  find lenth , substring , indexing , capatialize function etc.


 creating , accessing , deleting , substring , append , insert , remove ,len, reverse

 min max


 create tuple , can not modify

 convert list into tuple

5)Dictionaries : key-value pair

 creating , accessing , keys ,values , items


7)We can also create our own data type too in python with classes


Control statement :

if , else... if

for loop , while loop




how to create function in python

call functions in python

passing parameters

returning value from function

function with default value

function with unorder calling


What is module in Python ?

How to import modules in pythons