Fundraising for Startups (Free Course)

Fund raising is a tedious process; entrepreneurs have to balance day-to-day business operations with preparation of investment collateral, attending pitch events and investor road shows. On the other hand, investors are a picky lot, they reject over 90% of the proposals they receive. How does one break out of the crowd and create a strong impact on the investor?

Founders of early stage start-ups seeking to raise capital can talk to dozens of investors before they receive a term sheet. The term sheet outlines the key terms of the proposed investment, is non-binding on the parties and is used as a blueprint for the definitive agreements. Entrepreneurs will encounter a litany of jargons and legal terms in the term sheet and for most this will be a daunting experience. Learning to read and negotiate the fine print of a term sheet is vital to sealing a win-win deal.

Aavishkaar Capital has designed a power packed session for early stage entrepreneurs to deliver:* Insider insights on how investors think. Train you on the best strategies to catch an investor’s imagination* Understand what kind of investors to target and how* Design and develop a fund raising plan* Understand complex clauses within a term sheet* Understand the good practices to follow while reading and negotiating a term sheet

The session’s content will be drawn from a combination of case studies and practical experiences and is ideally suited for a small group of 35 - 40 participants.