Design Thinking for Breakthrough Innovation

Design Thinking for Breakthrough Innovation | University of Newcastle, Australia (Free Course)

Discover how design thinking has created breakthrough innovations and learn the steps to apply it to your own business. In the age of COVID, it is more important than ever that we learn to work through disruptive events and break away from established patterns of thinking. Design thinking, a problem-solving tool of innovators and designers can represent such an approach. 

During this session you will learn how design thinking has driven innovation and transformation in various markets including construction, banking, confectionery, and medical devices. We will take you through the design thinking approach that led to breakthrough ideas, and importantly, why they succeeded commercially.

Andy Howard lectures in the Innovation Management and Design course which is one of the 8 courses in the University of Newcastle’s Executive MBA program. This session will be introduced by Professor Julia Connell, EMBA Director, University of Newcastle.