ArangoDB Tutorial - Getting Started with ArangoDB (Free)

ArangoDB Tutorial - Getting Started with ArangoDB
ArangoDB: One engine. One query language. Multiple models. 
Learn Database Administration - PostgreSQL Database Administration (DBA) for Beginners

This course will provide everything you need to get up and running with ArangoDB.

This course introduces you to

    A brief history of databases

    The basic AQL syntax

    Performing CRUD operations with AQL

    Data modeling



    Grouping and Aggregation


    An intro to the Foxx Microservices Framework

The second section (coming soon) of this course covers some more advanced and enterprise features including:

    Smart Joins

    Smart Graphs

    Setting up a cluster environment


    And more


We hope by the end of this course you will have a better understanding of everything ArangoDB has to offer, what a native multi-model database is, and have the confidence to know when ArangoDB is the best solution for your product.

What you'll learn

    An overview of everything ArangoDB has to offer.