How to improve your communication skills (and Why It's SO Important)

We have always heard this sentence ‘First impression is the last impression’. What it actually means is the way we communicate with people for the first time, creates a concrete image of us in their minds. This image is extremely important when working for a company. So, let’s understand what these communication skills are and how to incorporate them into our life.

 What are Communication Skills?

Communication skills are the attributes required to communicate with people either verbally or non-verbally while behaving in an appropriate manner required for the job in hand. These skills are mostly required in the corporate world. As an employee, communication depicts your mental state. These skills are not confined to how you converse with people, but your physical behavior also plays an important role. Some of these skills are listed below:

Verbal Skills

·       Understanding the age, place, and position is important while conversing.

·       Make sure your pronunciation and grammar are correct, especially while working in a company.

·       Choose the words carefully and think before you speak.

·       Do not fumble or use many jargons.

·       Ask politely if you didn’t understand. This will make sure that you are interested in the conversation.

·       While giving an interview, never argue with the interviewer. Be confident and always give a genuine answer.

·       You should neither be quiet nor loud while speaking. The listener should grasp what you are saying without feeling agitated.

Non-Verbal Skills

·       Maintain eye-contact with people, but do not stare at them.

·       A good posture shows confidence and ability to understand. Never slouch while speaking.

·       Do not make improper facial expressions.

·       Always dress according to the particular occasion.

·       Try to understand what the other person is saying and then respond correctly.

·       Be prepared with the correct information, if you are going for a job interview or giving a presentation.

·       Do not create a false image of yourself while giving an interview.

·       Interact with your audience and make sure your presentation slides are short and precise.

 These are some important skills required for working in a professional environment. These skills enhance your overall personality.

 Why do we require these skills?

Communication skills play an important role in our society. Not only they help you to socialize with your colleagues but also create a good reputation in the company, and promote you further. These skills differentiate an average hardworking employee from the smart working manager of the department. Also, these are mandatory attributes for people willing to work in a Fortune 500 company.

 Gain deep knowledge

Earlier, there were many coaching centers available in the offline market to learn communication skills. With the rapid increase in online learning, one can easily learn any skill via a phone, tablet, or PC.

To understand the working ethics and proper way of communication various courses are provided on eLearning websites like Vmukta. A variety of study material is given for people of all age groups and understanding levels. Gain proficiency in communication skills and learn every aspect of becoming the perfect employee in detail.