Equipment and 9 trending topics for webinars

Webinar equipment

One of the important stages in organizing a webinar is the selection and configuration of the necessary equipment. After all, impressions of even the most striking and fascinating presentation can be corrupted by bad sound, a fuzzy image and technical malfunctions.

What is needed for a webinar?

  • A computer with Internet access. 
  • Webcam (if you talk to the video).
  • Headset (headphones and microphone). 

A computer

For webinars, any modern computer is suitable. One of the Internet browsers must be installed on the computer:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
The sound and video quality during the webinar will largely depend on the speed of your Internet connection. If you conduct a webinar with video, the Internet speed should be at least 1 Mbps. For broadcasting without a camera, 512 kbps is enough.

During the webinars, you must disable Skype, pause downloads and, if possible, close all unnecessary tabs in the browser.


Many computers and laptops have built-in webcams that can be used for webinars. However, the picture quality will be much higher if you use an external camera. It connects to a computer via USB or Fibrewire

Microphone and headphone


Use special care when choosing a headset. No matter how interesting your webinar is, it will fail if users hear you poorly. Most computers and laptops have built-in microphones and speakers, but as a rule they provide poor sound quality and cause an echo effect.

To conduct a webinar, you can use a conventional headset with a plug or a USB headset. In most cases, a USB headset is ideal for a webinar. Due to the built-in sound card, it gives a cleaner sound and effectively fights against extraneous noise.


If your host hosts several presenters who are in the same room, you can use the speakerphone. This is a special equipment consisting of a microphone and speaker. The speakerphone allows you to transmit sound at a distance of 3 meters. At the same time, it eliminates acoustic echo and extraneous noise.

Now that you know what equipment is needed to conduct a webinar, it is worth considering how to attract more users to the webinar.

9 trending webinar topics

Webinar topics

Deciding on the topic of webinars for a beginning presenter is not easy: you need to understand the topic well, it should like and sell well. We have prepared 9 topics that are in trend - they are most often discussed, visited and bought.

Personal finance management

The topic of money is irrespective of gender, social status or place of residence. Everyone wants to earn more and spend their income more wisely. Here you can choose topics for webinars about saving the family budget, Forex trading, etc. 

From the blackboard to e-learning. How does a teacher make money on the Internet? Pyramids and sales do not offer


E-business and online shopping are the most common topics in business webinars. Although problems and offline businesses can also be successfully discussed at webinars.


The logical continuation of the previous topic. Sales are the basis and essence of any business. Entrepreneurs are willing to pay for effective and efficient methods of increasing sales.


Now business is massively moving to the Internet. In this regard, owners and marketers have a lot of questions - what methods of promotion are best used, how online advertising works, how to increase the effectiveness of the site and much more.

Interpersonal relationships

Interest in interpersonal relationships has always been manifested as long as society exists. But even now, these topics are no less relevant. How to successfully marry, how to build a harmonious family, how to constructively resolve conflict situations - these topics are collected hundreds of participants every day for the webinar.

Personal growth

Many people have long realized that the best investment they can make is investing in themselves. Therefore, they are willing to learn and improve. Time management, productivity, memory development, motivation, goal setting, positive thinking - and this is not a complete list of topics that can be dedicated to webinars.

Design and Technology

You can conduct webinars on specialized topics (for example, website development or 3d technology), or you can take more “mundane” options - how to make an effective presentation, work in Photoshop, what to look for when choosing a computer, phone, etc.

Foreign languages

You can conduct webinars on specialized topics (for example, website development or 3d technology), or you can take more “mundane” options - how to make an effective presentation, work in Photoshop, what to look for when choosing a computer, phone, etc.


Proper nutrition, diets, vegetarianism, yoga, meditation - with the spread of fashion for a healthy lifestyle, webinars on these topics are attended with a bang.

Whatever topic you choose, the main thing is a thorough preparation and detailed study of all stages of organizing a webinar. Good luck with your webinars!

Originally published May 2, 2019