Digital Native And The Multitasker Myths

Sara Phillipps

A freelance web designer & developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

"The Digital Native" is considered a myth. The use of the internet in today's era does not particularly mean that it is more effective than previous times. 

The Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10%

The students nowadays are considered digital natives, and there are many myths related to these digital natives. The students nowadays are born in the age of digital media and have a great impact on their lives through the internet, social media, television, and many other digital means which help them in learning more and also help them in creating a great difference in the modern era of technology and the previous old times. is a platform that enables students to learn online and also enables other people to teach online. Students in this generation can learn online through digital means and because of this reason they avoid going to schools and prefer learning online. There is no such thing as "digital native" however it may be said because of the loss of today's generation in schools. 

 Multi-taskers are considered less proficient in switching between multiple tasks. Instead of doing a single task professionally and with productivity the work often goes in the wrong way because of a lack of focus on the work. Therefore, multitasking is taken as a myth and is often considered as a weakness of individuals who can not skip off-distractions. is a website that supports all the dreams of the dreamers in learning online as well as teaching online too.

Pros of Digital Learning

1.      Communication And Connectivity:

The digital learning allows an individual to connect and communicate with their teachers online through the website portal at any time. They can also connect through voice messages, video calling, and exchange of media.


2.      Versatile Learning:

Digital learning allows the individual to learn by searching online for the text as well as video lectures related to any topic. The quality and quantity of information related to any subject can never be reduced online. 


3.      Less Costly:

Many online websites provide free courses related to the most trending subject in this digital era. These courses are free of cost and the classes can be taken on through videos and online hands-on-exercises.


AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Javascript, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress are among the most common online courses which can be done online in this 21st century which is the century of online learning. provides courses that are trending online. Digital Learning may seem unreal at times but provides a range of online courses for all individuals.

Originally published Feb 24, 2021